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Rainwater & Gutter Systems

Saint-Gobain PAM UK manufactures the Classical range of traditional rainwater and gutter systems designed in accordance with BS 460.

Cast iron gutters and downpipes have been manufactured at the Telford site for over 100 years servicing the housing and construction markets, recognised for their aesthetic charm, strength to withstand high winds, heavy snow, and vandalism and above all their long life capabilities.

Classical rainwater downpipes (circular) are produced using the latest pipe manufacturing technology - centrifugally spinning the pipe ensuring consistent section dimensions. The standard Classical range is supplied in a water based primer coat ready for on-site painting to match any colour scheme.

Alternatively, the rainwater and gutter system can be supplied in a finished coat "Classical Plus" ready for immediate installation. Classical plus is available in black as standard from stock but is now available in 6 new colours made to order.

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Classical Express is a high flow half round "socketless" cast iron gutter system which is connected using unique jointing clips that can be easily installed in any weather. Express is available in the water based primer coat or Plus finish.

Classical Royale is a fluted downpipe system in 75 and 100mm diameters with a decorative rainwater head and unique fish head shoe.

Telford can manufacture Specials on a made to order basis.

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