CEMARS Platinum Standard

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CEMARS Platinum Standard

31% reduction in Carbon Emissions against 2010 baseline

Energy is one of the biggest resource areas used within our business. In order to provide customers with low-carbon products and service solutions, we work hard to reduce energy and carbon across our whole product lifecycle. 

Our ongoing carbon emission targets continually enable us to become much more sustainable at each of our individual manufacturing plants. We have continued to decrease carbon emissions, achieving 31% CO2 equivalent reduction against 2010 baseline and are working towards our new target of 50% reduction in carbon emissions (per tonne of materials produced) by 2025. Our achievements will be independently audited under the Achilles Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) for which we have been recommended by them for Platinum standard status. 
For further information download our 2021 Sustainable Development Report

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Saint-Gobain PAM UK is serious about its role in preserving the environment. The company has an active environmental policy, which has recently been updated, and encourages its employees to play a participative role in environmental control.