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Access to the BS EN 877 generic cast iron pipe template and full range of components. Also access to the full data-rich Ensign Soil, Ensign Drain and EEZI-FIT pipe templates and componentsbrowse PAM content button


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To optimise your design workflow. Please check our design aid plugins which are developed to reduce design time and add value to your project developmentcoming soon


Saint-Gobain Pam UK started their BIM incentive in 2010, to be the UK's leading BIM content supplier for cast iron draining systems. All the content is available in Autodesk Revit. The content is all fully parametric and includes COBIE field data for extraction. The BIM content libraies come available in Ensign Soil, Ensgin EEZI-FIT & Ensign Drain full data-rich parametric files with a system pipe template with all segments included.

Saint-Gobain PAM UK finally is launching revit software plugins to which add optimised value assistance when designing with the piping systems. One plugin soon to be launched is the Generic to Full Data Conversion Plugin, which allows a project to be designed in the BS EN 877 generic cast iron content and then overwritten by the Ensign systems content when the project moves to construction stage. Please look out for this plugin which is coming soon.