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As the final link in the water cycle before consumption in our homes, distribution pipes play a crucial role in ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality water. BLUTOP® is a dependable, proven solution for small-diameter pipes, eliminating the need to choose between flexibility and corrosion resistance, between competitiveness and durability, and between innovation and tradition.

Product Specification

100% compatible with plastic pipes
blutop sustainability
The BLUTOP® solution was developed in keeping
with the principles of sustainable development and
delivers outstanding environmental performance.
As investment in renewing water supply
infrastructure is declining in relative terms, water
network managers are demanding longer service
lives. Ductile iron components are not prone
to ageing. Their mechanical properties remain
constant over time.
blutop extended service life
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Reducing the amount of water lost in leaks from
pipe systems is a major issue. BLUTOP® delivers a
two-pronged solution, as ductile iron components
(including pipes, fittings, valves and accessories)
have an excellent reputation for both leaktightness
and pressure resistance.
Improving leaktightness reduces head losses,
which in turn saves energy.
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BLUTOP® revolutionises pipe installation and use.
Pipe-laying operations are quicker because pipes
and fittings can be transported by hand and
inserted using a crowbar.
The BLUTOP® pipe range is compatible with
existing plastic pipe networks and their related
connection and maintenance accessories
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In accordance with the major European regulatory
requirements, drinking water Certificates have
been obtained for all materials used in the
BLUTOP® range (DUCTAN® coating, epoxy,
elastomers, lubricating paste and repair products).


Technical DetailsFeatures & Benefits
  • Diameter range: OD 75, 90, 110, 125 and 160
  • Manual push-fit joint:
  • Non restrained (Blutop)
  • Self-restrained (Blutop Vi)
  • Coatings:
  • Pipes: BioZinalium*, Zn-AL (Cu) alloy 400g/m2 + Aquacoat (single component water-based paint)
  • Fittings: Blue Epoxy 250μm
  • Linings:
  • Pipes: Ductan thermoplastic 300 μm, nominal adhesion 8MPa
  • Fittings: Blue Epoxy 250μm
  • 6 degrees of angular deflection
*The new BioZinalium coating system will progressively replace our current Zinalium (ZnAl alloy) + epoxy coating system as stocks are replenished.
  • Lighter pipe system, no cement mortar lining
  • Manual handling
  • Ductile iron mechanical properties intact
  • Compatible with plastic pipes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Use of excavated material as backfill
  • Eco friendly
  • Recycled and infinitely recyclable
  • Less energy consumption linked to transport
  • Self-anchoring gasket available for restrained pipes application
  • Better hydraulic capacity than same OD plastics
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Standards & Approvals

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Technical Enquiries:
+44 (0)115 930 0700
Customer Services:
+44 (0)115 930 5000
Videos and pictures
  • BLUTOP ® small diameter - Saint-Gobain PAM UK
  • BLUTOP ® small diameter - Saint-Gobain PAM
  • BLUTOP ® pipe fitting
  • BLUTOP - pipeline - internal coating - Saint-Gobain PAM
  • BLUTOP ® pipeline - external coating
  • blutop illustration
  • BLUTOP ® small diameter - Saint-Gobain PAM UK
  • BLUTOP ® small diameter - Saint-Gobain PAM
  • BLUTOP ® pipe fitting
  • BLUTOP - pipeline - internal coating - Saint-Gobain PAM
  • BLUTOP ® pipeline - external coating
  • blutop illustration
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BLUTOP small diameter
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Potable Water

Saint-Gobain PAM supplies ductile iron pipelines throughout the world, allowing water to be transported from its source to treatment plants and places of consumption. PAM solutions cover the entire water transport cycle :

  • gravity supply ;
  • potable water distribution ;
  • water treatment ;

Saint-Gobain PAM is involved in both the preservation of the 'water' resource (quality and quantity) and its transport in all situations (mechanical stresses, pressure surges, environmental constraints, etc.).

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