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The issues faced

The disruption caused by streetworks at peak times on busy city streets often results in lengthy delays to road users and escalating costs for the network owner through the application of permits, lane rental charges, fines and overrun penalties. The failed reinstatement of ironwork is a common problem that adds to the growing costs and delays.


Traditional methods of installation using industry standard materials and processes would require a typical lane closure of 24 hours. In many cases the road is opened to traffic much sooner meaning the materials have not fully cured. This introduces a weak element to the integrity of the installation which often leads to the premature failure of the reinstatement requiring repeat visits to rectify the problem causing further costs and disruption.


Designed to help support and level the frame during the early stages of installation, Install Plus saves time, makes efficient use of materials and reduces whole life costs by ensuring products are installed right first time.
The performance of street ironwork is intrinsically linked to the performance and quality of the materials and methods used to install them.
Install Plus offers several benefits over traditional methods which lead to significant improvements in safety while also providing savings in time and cost of the installation through the efficient use of materials and the avoidance of repeat visits by ensuring products are installed right first time. Whole life costs for the asset owner are reduced through the adoption of a system approach to specification and installation as Install plus combines a number of key elements that guarantee the durability and long term performance of the asset.
By adopting this approach, the Install Plus process combined with high performance bedding and reinstatement materials significantly reduces the time needed and allows the road to be reopened to traffic significantly quicker compared with traditional methods. This has resulted in notable impact reduction to traffic and no repeat future visits to any of the frame & cover replacement locations to reinstate units because the installation has prematurely failed. The extra costs in applying the best practice methodology of Install Plus amounts to a fraction of the costs compared with continually having to reinstate products considering all of the associated financial burdens and penalties.
"Reduction or lowering of Impact to traffic and road users is regarded as a major win by all UK Highway and Transport Authorities, that coupled with our joint trials at multiple locations across the City of London area, was also regarded as Innovative and Collaborative works to find a suitable solution to reductions in Section 81 Defects."

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The Value

By adopting a collaborative approach to product selection and installation, Lumen has significantly increased the longevity of an installation. This has been acknowledged by the City of London who have awarded Lumen the Highly Commended Gold Award, in recognition of the contribution to reducing whole life costs and helped ensure road users suffer no further inconvenience or disruption.


Install Plus is just one of several innovative solutions offered by Saint-Gobain PAM UK. For further information and advice on any other products or services offered please contact our team on 0115 989 8903.



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