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The issues faced

 Working closely with the Anglian Water Regional Water Recycling Team, Saint-Gobain PAM UK undertook a detailed inspection and survey of an access cover located in Devonshire Road in Grays, Essex. This is a continuing problem for Anglian Water as Devonshire Road is a main trunk road that links with Tilbury Docks, so is used predominantly by HGV traffic. The instability of the ironwork installation was causing a noise nuisance to local residence while the repeated repair of the reinstatement around ironwork within this busy route was resulting in disruption to road users caused by streetworks at busy times. 


The inspection identified a combination of factors resulting in the repeated failures. The severe stresses created by such as high concentration of HGV traffic had accelerated the breakdown of the reinstatement and installation materials. It was also identified that the materials and methods used to install the ironwork could be improved.



Designed to help support and level the frame during the early stages of installation, Install Plus saves time, makes efficient use of materials and reduces whole life costs by ensuring products are installed right first time
The development of the patented Install Plus system resulted in an engineered solution to help eliminate the issues faced when installing carriageway access covers and gratings. Key elements combine to guarantee the durability and long term performance of the installation. It provides;
Accurate and simple frame adjustment for finished surface level, camber and gradient by using four sacrificial nylon bolts placed at each corner. The bolts have a range of adjustment of between 15mm - 50mm
The recommended minimum bedding mortar depth of 15mm through integral spacers fitted below the frame. These spacers also support the weight of the frame while the bedding mortar cures
An indicator on the top of the frame to ensure the optimum amount of mortar is used to envelope the frame.


The Value

By adopting a collaborative approach to product selection and installation Anglian Water has significantly increased the longevity of the installation, reduced whole life costs and helped ensure road users suffer no further inconvenience or disruption.


Install Plus is just one of several innovative solutions offered by Saint-Gobain PAM UK. For further information and advice on any other products or services offered please contact our team on 0115 989 8903.



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