Telford foundry

Access Covers

Municipal castings
With an aim in contributing to the reduction of whole life costs associated with the installation, operation and maintenance of municipal castings, Saint-Gobain PAM UK offer a comprehensive range of products that are designed and engineered to include standard features that help improve durability, operator safety, asset security and overall performance.
Saint-Gobain PAM UK at its Holwell foundry near Melton Mowbray remains at the forefront of manufacturing access covers and gratings in the UK. With a focus on continuous improvement we combine our technical expertise, process control, and innovative designs to offer solutions of the highest performance that meet and exceed the needs of all stakeholders.


Class B125
Use: Car parks and pedestrian areas where occasional vehicular access is likely.
Class C 250
Use: Kerb areas
Class D400
Use: Carriage ways, hardshoulders and pedestrian areas where cars and lorries have access.
Class E600
Use: Loading areas, docks, aircraft pavements
Class F900
Use: For use in areas where very heavy wheel loads are imposed such as aircraft pavements or docksides.
High friction anti-skid access cover range