Telford foundry

Class D400

Municipal castings

Class D400

D400 class
Access Covers and Gratings within this class are capable of withstanding a 400kN (~40 tonnes) test load.
Use: carriage ways, hardshoulders and pedestrian areas where cars and lorries have access.


Access cover for quicker, easier and safer access to underground services.
Specifically designed to combine ease of use and durability with greater security and value for money.
The reference for durability and performance
Silent Knight D400
Silent Knight D400 offers consistent high performance in all conditions.
Pamtight offers a pressure tight solution and is able to withstand and limit the ingress and egress of water and gases.
PAMREX is capable of withstanding loads in excess of the EN 124 D400 requirements.

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Saint-Gobain PAM designs its access covers in response to traffic conditions, offering stability, safety and silence.