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Below Ground Drainage

Soil, drain & rainwater

Below Ground Drainage

Saint-Gobain PAM UK offer two below ground systems in the main for gravity buried drainage and bridge drainage. Timesaver kitemarked to BS437 is black coated and has immense strength with its extra section thickness. Its range contains many British standard design fittings ie chambers, gully traps, gully inlets, raising pieces and garage gullies.Ensign below ground system is kitemarked to BS EN 877, grey coated and significantly lighter in weight to BS437. Its range of fittings is better suited for the more European rodding point method of below ground drainage. VortX is a new range of floor and shower drainage products. The range consists of cast iron gullies, trapped or untrapped, associated accessories, and gratings/rodding eyes in nickel bronze, stainless steel and cast iron.


Ensign Drain
Cast iron drainage system for below ground applications and bridge drainage kitemark approved to EN 877
Timesaver Drain
Mechanically jointed cast iron drainage system for buried below ground and bridge applications kitemark approved to BS437
VortX Floor Drainage
A simplified range of floor drainage products for all types of floor finishes.

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Saint-Gobain PAM UK specialises in the manufacture of cast iron above and below ground drainage s