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Cast Iron

Soil, drain & rainwater

Cast Iron Rainwater & Gutter Systems

No other material can match the character, durability, strength or appeal of cast iron and - most importantly - only cast iron can preserve the intentions of the original architect and the aesthetic integrity of the building.


  • High resistance to impact (accidental and vandalism) a major consideration for inner cities, town shopping precincts and schools etc
  • Secure against - heavy snow falls and high winds
  • Rigidity to comfortably accommodate the weight of ladders for routine maintenance
  • The physical properties of cast iron will be sustained throughout its life (provided adequately painted and maintained)


  • Will not rattle in high winds
  • Will not twist/creak due to temperature changes
  • Excellent sound deadening properties - therefore no significant sound of running or dripping water disturbing the peace


  • Cast iron has aesthetic charm that simply cannot be matched by other materials
  • Retains and enhances the traditional character of the building
  • Can be painted any colour to match building
  • Enhances perception of the value to the property
  • Many profiles to match virtually all architectural styles


  • Naturally durable up to 100 years
  • Cost effective in long term
  • Minimal maintenance: If installed correctly to the manufacturer's recommendations (- refer to Installation Guide), cast iron systems should require little structural maintenance throughout their life only periodical painting approximately every 5 years or longer (depending on location and climatic conditions)
  • Eliminates unnecessary replacement and waste
  • Profile designs have changed little over the years. Therefore new components can easily be integrated into existing systems, avoiding costs of complete replacement


Traditional cast iron rainwater & gutter systems, available in a black primer coat for painting on site.
Classical Plus
Traditional cast iron rainwater & gutter systems. Pre-painted for immediate installation saving 60% installation time.

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