350 Sewage Air Valve

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350 Sewage Air valve

350 Sewage air valve is suitable for the bulk release or ingress of air whilst filling or draining the line and the release of trapped air whilst the line is under operating pressure. 


350 sewage air valve

Technical details

  • Diameter range: DN80
  • Maximum operating temperature 60°C
  • Minimum operating pressure 0.2 bar
  • Fouling of the orifice is eliminated by the use of a large float chamber which confines the liquid within the bottom preventing any leakage of solids into the atmosphere

Key Features & Benefits

  • Light weight for easier handling
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Minimum number of working parts to aid efficiency of operation

Options available

  • Inflow non-return valve
    • Non-return device can be screwed into the valve outlet to prevent the ingress of air.
  • Controlled relief valve
    • By limiting the speed of the air release, the risk of water hammer can be eliminated.
  • Isolated metal faced gate valve



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  • 350 sewage air valve
  • 350 sewage air valve