fabricated pipes

Fabricated Pipes


Fabricated Pipes

Saint-Gobain PAM UK offers a range of fabricated pipe tailored to customer requirements: flange spigot, flange socket, double flanged, double spigot and short length socket spigot pipe in diameters DN80 to DN2000 for both water and sewer applications.
Fabricated pipes are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 545 for potable water and BS EN 598 for sewerage.
The Standard flange rating is PN16, but PN10, PN25 and PN40 are also available on request.

Technical Details


  • DN80-DN300:
    • Sewer: Zn-AL alloy 400g/m2 (Zinalium) + red/brown synthetic resin (Aquacoat)
    • Water: BioZinalium, Zn-AL (Cu) alloy 400g/m2 + blue synthetic resin (Aquacoat)
  • DN350-1000: Zn-AL alloy 400g/m2 (Zinalium) + synthetic resin (Aquacoat)
  • DN1200-1600: Zn 200g/m2 + synthetic resin (Aquacoat)
  • DN1800-2000: synthetic resin (Aquacoat)


  • DN80-1600:
    • Sewer: high alumina cement
    • Water: blast furnace cement
  • DN1800-2000: epoxy

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ductile iron material:
  • Mechanically robust
  • Highly resistant to damage
  • High safety margin to operate at up-rated pressures
  • Long term reliability
  • Eco friendly: recycled and infinitely recyclable
  • Puddle flanges and/or tie flanges available on request
  • Full range of flanged fittings available to complement the fabricated pipe range


Standards & Approvals

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Technical Enquiries:
+44 (0)115 930 0700 
Customer Services:
+44 (0)115 930 5000 
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