Flexlock & Dismantling joints

Valves & hydrants

FlexLock self-restrained dismantling joints

FlexLock system provides a self-anchoring method of joining ductile iron or steel pipes. Suitable for above ground and buried applications, soft ground conditions or temporary pipe work.
Flexlock-Dismantling Joints

Technical details

  • Diameter range: DN50 – DN300
  • Maximum operating temperature 40°C
  • Working pressure of 16 bar on water uti DN200 & 10 bar for DN250 & DN300
  • Ability to provide angular deflection
  • Restrains pressure thrusts without thrust blocks at bends
  • WRAS approved EPDM gasket as standard
  • Diameter range: DN50 – DN1200

Dismantling joint for flanged butterfly valve

When bracketed to a flanged valve, this dismantling joint facilitates its dismantling and its reassembly in situ on the pipeline. At the same time, it guarantees continued mechanical resistance.
The substantial adjustable travel of these products means the “face to face” tolerances of the equipment to be installed is no longer a concern. It also makes placing joint rings between flanges easier, even those with inserts.
This range of dismantling joints is available from DN 40 to DN 2000, with PFAs of 10, 16 and 25 bar.

Dismantling joint for butterfly valve without flanges

When bracketed to butterfly valves without flanges, this dismantling joint has a maximum adjustable travel of 50 mm. This range of dismantling joints is available from DN 40 to DN 1200, with PFAs of 10 and 16 bar.

Standards & Approvals

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