COVID-19 Update 23rd March


COVID-19 - message from Paul Minchin, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain PAM UK

At PAM UK, we recognise the important role we play in maintaining the country's essential utility services and have taken a number of proactive measures in order to maintain a "business as usual" approach which protects both our employees and our customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.
As the health and well-being of our colleagues is our number one priority, many of our office-based staff and all our external sales staff are now working at home and we have implemented measures such as staff rotation and social distancing in other areas to ensure we minimise as much as possible the impact of any future absenteeism.

Although our customer facing teams are working remotely, you can still contact them via their usual telephone numbers and email addresses.

We have also taken measures to increase stocks and have built extended lead times into our inventory planning processes for those goods sourced from overseas; this applies to all product groups, therefore you need not be concerned about our ability to maintain supplies in the weeks ahead.

Clearly this is highly dynamic situation with many of our European neighbours imposing national restrictions.  At this moment in time, we can confirm that our plants in France continue to despatch products to us although new production has temporarily ceased.  We will update you on this fast changing situation later this week, but we currently have no concerns about our ability to meet your immediate requirements.
We are pleased to confirm that all three of our UK manufacturing plants are fully operational.
There are however two areas where we would appreciate your continued co-operation and understanding:
1)   Whilst the movement of goods across the Channel isn't restricted, it is highly possible that there could be minor delays resulting from increased vigilance on the part  of border control personnel responding to emergency legislation.  So far this has not happened, but we are closely monitoring the situation.
2)   The more pressing issue for us is the ability of our customers to receive deliveries, in particular those expecting to receive full truck load deliveries of pipes directly from the Continent.  As a result, our customer service personnel will be contacting those customers as a matter of priority.
In the meantime, if you could keep us informed via your normal customer service contact of any changes in your circumstances which could impact your ability to receive goods it would be greatly appreciated and we will work with you to help you manage the situation.  Our UK delivery schedule and offer remains unchanged.
We will continue to inform you of any changes as and when they occur and to work with you to provide a seamless "business as usual" service throughout the duration of these exceptional circumstances.  All updates will be available on our website.
Thank you for your ongoing support during these difficult times and we hope you and your families are keeping well.
Paul Minchin,
Managing Director