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The long pattern EUROSTOP® ISO 5752 series 14 flanged butterfly valve has double eccentricity and a watertight joint located in the disc of the butterfly. When open, it gains in durability because the compression point is absent. EUROSTOP® is reserved for water and is suitable for high pressure. It is simple to use thanks to its push-in butterfly joint, which does not require any adjustment. The EUROSTOP® valve is characterized by:

  • a watertight push-in joint that acts like an autoclave: the higher the service pressure is, the more watertight the valve becomes, no matter what the direction of the fluid’s flow with time. It holds longer than the joint thanks to the minimizing of the constraints it is subjected to. Its flexibility allows a reduction of the closing torque by deforming when it comes alongside the seat it ensures constant torque;
  • double eccentricity means that the joint can free itself completely from the seat at the start of the opening movement, thereby minimizing friction between the rubber and the seat.eurostop butterly valve range

Technical details

  • Diameter range: DN150 – DN2000
  • Low head loss in the fully open position
  • Perfect leak-proof seal in the fully closed position
  • The seal gasket allows bi-directional tight closure
  • Double eccentricity of the disc reduces operating torque and gasket drag
  • Blue fusion bonded epoxy coated

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple design, low maintenance and perfect reliability
  • High strength to weight ratio, safety factor in excess of 4
  • Low height allows installation in areas where cover depth is minimal
  • Stainless steel shafts, seats and bolts ensure the long-term smooth, corrosion free operation
  • Hydrodynamic disc design protects the outer sections of both shafts, preventing the risk of scaling and improving durability

Options available

  • Different configurations; manual, buried service, motorisable and motorised.
  • PN10, PN16 and PN25 versions.

Accessories and Spares available

  • Operating accessories; extension spindle systems, handwheels, t-keys, flange mountings for gearbox/actuators

Standards & Approvals

  • Compliant to BS EN 1074-1 & 2, EN 593 and ISO 10631
  • WRAS approved
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  • EUROSTOP BB Automatic Joint
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  • EUROSTOP BB Automatic Joint
  • eurostop butterly valve range

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