Gold Award For Saving More than 4000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions


Saint-Gobain PAM UK Gold Award For Saving More than 4000 tonnes of Carbon Emissions 

Manufacturer Saint-Gobain PAM UK has been presented with the top award from the Carbon & Energy Management and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) by Sir Lockwood Smith at a presentation ceremony in London on October 27.  The company cut its carbon emissions by 13.31 per cent in absolute emissions over five years, which equates to 4107 tonnes (read further in our Sustainable Development Review)
The Gold Certificate recognises the company’s achievement for year on year reductions over a five-year period by following a systematic carbon reduction programme.  
In particular the company has reviewed and taken targeted action at its foundries, where it believes it can make maximum impact.  Several million  pounds of investment at its Holwell site sees waste heat fed back into the process, an upgraded exhaust system and a new auto pour system to improve yield.  Both the Holwell and Telford foundries have also had variable speed drives fitted to compressors and pumps.
Other actions being taken by Saint-Gobain PAM UK include a replacement programme of all of its internal and external lighting to more efficient LED fittings.
The results were reported and independently verified by Achilles which holds the licence to run CEMARS in the UK.
Jay Katzen, Chief Executive of Achilles, said:  “In a landmark month, when the Paris Agreement will be coming into force, companies like Saint-Gobain PAM UK are proving themselves to be global role models in responsible and sustainable business.  Achilles is extremely proud to have supported its carbon reduction efforts.”
Commenting on the award Paul Minchin, Managing Director of Saint-Gobain PAM UK said: “We are hugely proud to be one of the few UK businesses to achieve the gold certification for CEMARS.  The award is testament to the amount of work and commitment invested by various teams across our business over the last six years.
“If as a country we are to achieve our carbon reduction targets, then it is about time that measures like CEMARS are made mandatory for all organisations.  As a socially responsible business, Saint-Gobain PAM UK looks beyond our immediate commercial needs and constantly questions how we can contribute to a sustainable future for our wider community.
“This award is also only the start of our carbon reduction plans and we are aiming for an overall reduction of our emissions by 50 per cent by 2025.”
Pictured receiving the CEMARS gold certificate is Mark Hardy, Saint-Gobain PAM Environment Manager (centre) with Jay Katzen, Chief Executive of Achilles (left) and Sir Lockwood Smith (right).
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The Carbon & Energy Management And Reduction Scheme was developed by Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, a subsidiary of Landcare Research, a New Zealand Crown Research Institute. CEMARS requires participants to measure and reduce their organisational carbon footprint in accordance with international best practice. CEMARS was the first scheme in the world to be accredited under ISO 14065, the international standard for bodies offering certification of corporate carbon footprints. The scheme is also licensed by the Environment Agency under the Climate Change Act 2008, accredited by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and gains additional CDP points for CEMARS certified companies disclosing to the CDP.

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Mark Hardy, Saint-Gobain PAM Environment Manager accepts CEMARS Gold award
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