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Our responsibility as market leader in access covers and gratings

GripTop is a complete range of D400 anti-skid treated access covers providing durable performance where the road configuration and traffic conditions require long-lasting grip for added safety. GripTop is a proven cover surface treatment developed from years of research. Saint-Gobain PAM UK has applied GripTop to the PAM range of products - Inter Ax2, Ult-Emax, Opt-Emax - to provide extra safety when it matters most.

GripTop: when the bonding technology combines the strength of ductile cast iron with the stopping power of aggregates

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10 good reasons to choose GripTop

  • GripTop meets road skid resistance requirements and contributes to improve safety on all roads.
  • Choosing GripTop demonstrates forward thinking in line with impending government legislation.
  • GripTop has demonstrated proven durability in exhaustive trials.
  • GripTop can be safely and beneficially installed in carriageway wheel tracks.
  • GripTop brings extra safety to our major ranges of manhole covers providing with a wide choice of dimensions.
  • GripTop manufacturing process is fully industrialised and operated under Quality Insurance Management.
  • GripTop is a proven maintenance-free solution.
  • GripTop is fully compliant to BS EN 124 and is Kite-Marked.
  • GripTop covers are virtually invisible when dressed to match existing road surface colour.
  • GripTop helps improve aesthetics in the urban environment.


Technical Enquiries: 
+44 (0) 166 481 4014
Customer Services:
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GripTop EN124 close up
GripTop EN124 close up
griptop access cover
GripTop Access Cover
griptop double opening access cover
griptop double opening access cover
GripTop Red opt-Emax
griptop red opt-emax
GripTop Red opt-Emax open
griptop red opt-emax open


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