Groundbreaking new digital capabilities for our Access Covers and Gratings range


We're thrilled to announce that we're launching a range of new digital capabilities to support our Access Covers and Gratings range, including a Digital Product Selection tool called PAMSearch and a fully parametric BIM library.


The first of these new capabilities to launch will be the PAMSearch Digital Product Selector, an online search tool that is designed to make product selection easier and improve the accuracy and speed of specification decisions. This is due to the systems intuitive interface, which uses a number of parameters such as the required application and height, width and depth figures to recommend the correct product from the 3000-strong range of access covers and gratings.


Following the arrival of PAMSearch, we're also expanding our BIM offering which was first launched last year and included every product in our building drainage range. The new library includes key ranges such as the Inter-Ax, Opt-Emax and Ult-Emax access covers along with gratings such as Aqua-Max and Watershed and will be a first in the carriageway ironworks industry, helping to promote the usage of BIM and project management software for infrastructure projects. In addition, the new library will mirror the existing building drainage library by offering both full and data-lite versions of the library which will be available for free.


Paul Thompson, Marketing Manager for Saint-Gobain PAM UK, commented; “We’re thrilled to be launching PAMSearch, expanding our digital capability which we know is going to make a huge difference to our customers. The success of BIM and digital enablement is widely seen across the residential and commercial building sectors and we want to help push the infrastructure industry to take advantage of the significant benefits that working digitally can provide.


“Our customers played a key part in the development of our new digital offerings. We wanted to provide tools that make their lives easier, so interacting with them to discover what challenges they faced was crucial to developing a system that meets their needs. For example, one of the key features of PAMSearch is the ability to refine a search by specific requirements such as a skid resistance, security or one-person operation; with over 300 standard products and over 3000 variations, searching through for the correct product would take a significant amount of time. The new system vastly improves the time for product selection, boosting productivity for both customers and their clients.


“One of the key drivers in the future of the construction industry is digital enablement. Everyone from contractors to specifiers and even the site team are using data and digital functionality to improve productivity and efficiency. That’s where these new capabilities fit in; they support the industries drive to work smarter, which is something we’re really proud to be a part of.”

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PAMSearch & the new BIM Library
PAMSearch & the new BIM Library
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PAMSearch & the new BIM Library