Holwell Virtual Tour

Access Covers and Gratings

Welcome to the virtual tour of our Holwell foundry in Melton Mowbray

Saint-Gobain PAM's Holwell site is where our range of access covers and gratings are manufactured and assembled. This is a great opportunity to explore around our foundry with this virtual experience and discover how we turn recycled materials into the access covers and gratings you see on the roads. 
Below is a map of the foundry, if you are ever not sure of where you are, just refer back to this map. You will find this map throughout the tour, you can spot these as green icons, just hover your mouse over them and it will show you where you are. 

There is a lot to see at the foundry so we recommend you take the following simple route:


  1. Start off in Melting, the beating heart of foundry where we melt the iron down ready for us to use.
  2. Then follow the path to Moulding to see how the iron is poured into the moulds. Here you can jump into the Control Room and see how the foundry is controlled. 
  3. Next head on over to the Assembly and Finishing areas to watch how our products are put together and finished off once they have been made. 
  4. Finally, exit the building to the outside and take a trip over to our scrap metal supply to find out about the type of scrap that we use. Then wander over to our Demonstration Area to see our products installed.


We hope you enjoy the tour!

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