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Surrey flooding case study
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The Issues Faced...

Flooding poses a significant risk to all road users and is often the root cause of many accidents, this risk is increased during winter months. As the volume of surface water increases as a result of changing climatic conditions this is placing additional pressure on the existing highway drainage network as it struggles to cope with increased flows. This often leads to surcharging of the system and ultimately to flooding of the road surface, as a result standing water permeates into the asphalt layer and in freezing conditions this accelerates deterioration of the road surface.


Highways in low lying areas or areas at the bottom of inclines are susceptible to regular flooding. With higher flows this also creates the additional problem of silts and sediments being suspended in the surface water, over time these sediments build up reducing the effectiveness of the drainage system. Budgetary constraints are compounding this problem further as authorities are not able to undertake regular preventative maintenance.

The Solution

By sharing industry expertise and an innovative approach to design, Super Gully has been developed. A quick to install off-site manufactured system, providing a low maintenance, high capacity kerbside surface water management solution. It combines high performance gully gratings with an increased storage capacity that has the ability to cope with the most severe conditions.

The Value

A collaborative partnership between Saint-Gobain PAM UK, Stanton Bonna and Surrey County Council enabled the development of a right first time solution that met with the needs of the client. Sam Winterson of Surrey County Council added “The Super Gully was installed on the Belmont Roundabout at the top of the ‘Mad Mile’ stretch of the A217. This site was particularly prone to flooding as whenever there was rain, the water would flow onto the roundabout. This flow would be comprised of both water and a large amount of silt which would all gather at the low point of the roundabout. Since the installation of the Super Gully, there has been some quite severe rainfall and no silt or water has gathered on the roundabout.” The unique features of the Saint-Gobain PAM UK and Stanton Bonna Super Gully will provide improved water dispersal, eliminating flooding and reducing the risk of accidents throughout the year.



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