Integral pH1


Integral pH1

The INTEGRAL® pH1 range offers the advantages of an INTEGRAL® pipe with high mechanical strength and a passive anti-corrosion coating, the range is suitable for highly aggressive effluents (with <pH4 & >p). The high thickness (1.5 mm for DN 80 and 2.5 mm for DN 2000) of polyurethane applied to the inside of the pipe enables the INTEGRAL® pH1 system to transport virtually all liquids encountered in industry. The seal of the polyurethane film is checked using a Holiday detector test. A complete range of fittings suitable for these networks, permitted on all outes; in order to offer a complete system, Saint-Gobain PAM UK offers shut-off valves, gate valves and slide gate valves, as well as “waste water” air valves.


Technical Details

  • Diameter range: DN180 – DN2000
  • Push fit joint: Non Restrained (Rapid) Self-restrained (Rapid Vi)
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  • DN80-600  Zn/Al 400g/m2 + red/brown synthetic resin ( Aquacoat)
  • DN700-2000 Pipes: ZN200g/m2 + red epoxy
  • Fittings: Red Epoxy 250μm
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  • Pipes: Polyurethane
  • Fittings: Red Epoxy 250μm


Key Features & Benefits

  • Ductile iron material:
  • Mechanically robust
  • Highly resistant to damage
  • High safety margin to operate at up-rated pressures
  • Long term reliability
  • High degree of protection against the majority of soil conditions
  • Eco friendly: recycled and infinitely recyclable
  • Up to 5 degrees angular deflection

Standards & Approvals

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