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The Inter-Ax range of traditional lift out covers was developed following an extensive 3 year research programme to understand the mechanisms at play that cause the failure of ironwork installations. Inter-Ax for many years has been the reference for durability and performance and was the first product to feature the Load Transfer System.
Available in clear opening sizes from 450x450 to 1250x675 and in 100mm or 150mm frame depths.
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Group 4 D400 load classification and in N or H Intensity.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Double triangular non-rock cover design
  • LTS durability and installation features as standard
  • Ventilated and locked options available
  • Safety grids available for a number of sizes
  • Seal plate capable option available within range
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Load Transfer System

  • Long Term Strength
  • Resistance to shrinkage
  • Optimum working properties
  • Early site opening
  • Consistency of performance


Recommended for use in city roads carrying continuous heavy traffic.
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Standards & Approvals

kitemarkha 104/09sfa 7cewsi 7


Other Features Available

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Technical Enquiries:
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Customer Services:
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Videos and pictures
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  • Inter-Ax2
  • Inter-Ax2 closed
  • Inter-Ax2 close up
  • Increased stability-Inter-Ax2
  • Inter-Ax2
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