Fixed Flange Joint


Fixed Flange Joint

Rigid joint for above ground potable water and sewer applications.

fixed flange

Technical Details

  • Range availability:
    • Water:
      • Natural pipe DN80-1000
      • Classic pipe D1200-2000*
    • Sewer:
      • Integral Zinalium pipe DN80-1000
    • Integral pipe DN1200-2000*
    • Fittings DN80-2000
  • Pressure ratings: PN10, PN16 (as standard), PN25 & PN40

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rigid joint for above ground usage
  • Strength of DI supports external bending moment
  • High beam strength accommodates spans up to 16m
  • No risk of performance loss through UV degradation

Working Method

  • Seal achieved by the compression of the gasket when bolting together two flanges.
  • Flanges are fixed, i.e. can not be rotated.


Technical Enquiries:
+44 (0)115 930 0700
Customer Services:
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