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The KAMELEO® range

The first versatile fitting

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The KAMELEO® range is suitable for all drinking water system work sites. The KAMELEO® fitting, an innovative assembly part with an angle that can vary between 0° and 45°, comes in diameters of 80, 100 and 150 mm.


Ingenious, versatile and adjustable, the KAMELEO® range offers undeniable advantages:

Easy Installation

KAMELEO® parts can be put together by hand and are suitable for all network configurations. The desired angle is quickly achieved thanks to the multiple angles available. The reduced number of bolts saves a considerable amount of time, without compromising the safety of the pipeline.
EconomicalThe KAMELEO® fitting replaces several standard parts that would otherwise be necessary on the work site.
Stock OptimisationWith its 4 kits, the KAMELEO® fitting replaces a combination of 36 listed parts.
The KAMELEO® fitting is suitable for both new installations and maintenance or repair work :
     - recovery of an angle that is too narrow or too wide for standard fittings
     - connection of a new pipeline
     - deployment of a water main
     - extension of work sites or congested tunnels
     - creation of complex angles
ReliabilityKAMELEO® brings with it the quality of PAM solutions. The central junction equipped with an O-ring, the epoxy powder coating and the hot-dip galvanized nuts and bolts are all elements that attest to the longevity of this range.
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Technical Enquiries:
+44 (0)115 930 0700
Customer Services:
+44 (0)115 930 5000


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