Levelling System Simplifies Road Ironwork Installation

Saint-Gobain PAM’s new Install Plus Frame Levelling system will help installers fit ironwork right first time to ensure a long life with less maintenance and reduce its whole life cost. It will also save time on site to cut both cost and traffic disruption and minimise waste through the more efficient use of materials.
Says Paul Thompson, marketing manager for Saint-Gobain PAM UK: "The reinstatement of failed street ironwork installations is estimated to cost about £200 million per year. Our Install Plus initiative works in collaboration with the supply chain to promote best practice to minimise this cost."
The Install Plus Frame Levelling system consists of specially engineered nylon inserts located in the frame flange, with corresponding bolts, which the installer can adjust between 15mm and 50mm to account for changes in the frame height, road gradient or camber.
These adjustable inserts, combined with a minimum bedding level indicator cast on the frame, also ensure that the installer uses the optimum amount of bedding materials both below and above the frame flange.
Trials of the system with a customer have demonstrated that it saves an average of 45 minutes labour time per installation. For one customer, making 400 ironwork installations per month, this equates to an annual saving of £67,000 per year.
Continues Thompson: ‘Our aim is to work with the entire supply chain to reduce the lifetime costs associated with access covers and gratings. Our Install Plus initiative has already seen us work with a mortar manufacturer to develop an ideal installation methodology that is rapidly being adopted by organisations across the utility and highways sectors. Our frame levelling system is the next step in this evolutionary process by helping to ensure correct installation."
"As an industry it makes no sense to simply opt for the cheapest solution, customers are now tasked with getting maximum value for money throughout the life of an asset. The success of such an installation needs everyone in the supply chain to work together and understand the issues and develop new solutions to help overcome these."
Says Sammy Nelson from United Utilities: "We needed a system that helps the installer get it right first time. Early trials have shown that the Install Plus Frame Levelling system saves us money during installation and we believe that it will also save us cost in the long term through reduced maintenance and fewer reinstated access covers and gratings."

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Install Plus on site
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