Opt-Emax D400

Municipal castings


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Available in a wide range of clear openings and in 100mm or 150mm frame depths, Opt-Emax is the ergonomic solution for the frequent maintenance and inspection of below ground assets, and has become the product of choice for the Highway Communications, Water and Telecom sectors. Opt-Emax includes many features that combine ease of use, safety, security and durability giving clients, specifiers and operators a versatile solution for a wide spectrum of applications.

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Group 4 D400 load classification.

Features & Benefits

  • Cover sections are individually hinged to reduce required lifting effort
  • Skid resistant radial chequer design
  • Security can be provided with optional retro-fit anti-theft locking kits
  • LTS installation and durability features
  • Customer specific or generic badging available
  • A range of Safety Grids are available


Recommended for use in city roads carrying continuous traffic where frequent access to below ground assets is required.

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Standards & Approvals

kitemarkha 104/09sfa 7cewsi 7

Other Features Available

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Technical Enquiries: 
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Customer Services:
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