pamtight access cover

Pamtight D400

Access Covers and Gratings


Featuring a dual polyethylene and elastomer seating, Pamtight offers a pressure tight solution and is able to withstand and limit the ingress and egress of water and gases.
pamtight access cover
Group 4 D400 load classification.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Dual polyethylene and elastomer seating
  • Resistant to 1 bar pressure
  • Frame to chamber bolting capability
  • Cover secured by innovative clamp and bolt arrangement


Recommended for use in trunk and city roads carrying continuous traffic where a pressure tight sealing is required.
D400 icongroup 4 iconmotorway applicationtruck application

Standards & Approvals

NF mark


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  • Pamtight D400 access cover
  • Pamtight D400 access cover
  • Pamtight D400 access cover
  • Pamtight D400 access cover

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