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Class C250 Kerb Drainage

Access Covers and Gratings

Class C250

Access Covers and Gratings within this class are capable of withstanding a 250kN (~25 tonnes) test load. Use: kerb areas.

Product Ranges

  • Selecta C250
    • Designed using the results of a lengthy study, the Selecta range of urban and rural profile kerb drainage units include hinged and locked cover sections as standard for increased security
    • Recommended for areas of high surface water run-off such as in urban areas not subject to fast moving traffic. Selecta C250 is not recommended for areas susceptible to turning traffic 
  • Waterfall C250
    • ​Suitable for many urban applications, the Waterfall C250 features a hinged cover design for ease of access 
    • Recommended as a kerb drainage unit for use in pavements adjacent to highways 

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