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Water & Sewer Pipelines

Saint-Gobain PAM is the worldwide leading company in the manufacturing of comprehensive pipe solutions for drinking water and raw water supply.
  • Potable water: water circulating in the distribution network that is suitable for human consumption.
  • Raw water: untreated water that has not yet been introduced into the distribution network.
The variety of ductile iron pipeline ranges by Saint-Gobain PAM includes coatings and joints that are adaptable to various geographical configurations and different types of environment.

Saint-Gobain PAM's comprehensive pipeline solutions can withstand all the hazards of transport, handling, installation and operation.
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Water cycle


Fabricated Pipes
Flange spigot, flange socket, double flanged, double spigot and short length socket spigot pipes for both water and sewer application.
Water & Sewer Services
Water & Sewer distributors
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