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A D400 narrow profile hinged gully grating.

Group 4 D400 load classification.



Recommended for use in trunk and city roads carrying continuous heavy traffic where efficient water clearing capacity is required.


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Standards & Approvals

kitemark  ha 104/09


Key Features & Benefits

Proteus includes several features that enhance durability, security, ease of use and water clearing efficiency.
Its narrow grating profile avoids excessive clipping by traffic.
Lorries generally travel with their wheels 300mm from the kerb edge meaning that a typical 450mm gully is regularly being struck, this ‘excessive clipping’ has been known to cause regular, early gully failures.
The grating profile is less than 300mm so that HGV wheels avoid driving over the front edge of the grate which in turn reduces the impact on the frame. Its unique angled bridge is designed to distribute stress and resist movement resulting in a solution that offers long term performance.

Proteus has a large water clearing area along the kerb line where it is most important. It exceeds twice the minimum requirement defined within chapter 5.4 of Section 5. In Highways England Advice note HA104/09.

One of the key elements of the design is that the overall footrpint is designed to fit a standard 450Ø gully, meaning Proteus Gully is ideal for replacing existing gratings avoiding the need to adjust the supporting structure. 
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Use: Carriage ways, hardshoulders and pedestrian areas where cars and lorries have access