NEW Ensign soil pre-assembly service

Soil, drain & rainwater

Save up to 60% on installation costs with the New Ensign soil pre-assembly service.

PAM has now launched a new pre-assembly service for the Ensign cast iron above ground drainage system which can save up to 60% on installation cost over the traditional on site install. 

The service offers so much more than just pre-assembly:
  • Early collaboration -
    • Engagement with the PAM team of regional sales managers at early stages of the project can open up design options which could lead to real installation savings 
  • Estimation -
    • Take-off estimate from design drawings


  • Design approval -
    • CAD drawings/ 3D Models design approved by site
    • Fully BS EN 12056 Part 2 compliant.
  • Ordering -
    • Pre-assembled stacks ordered through Merchant /Distributor
  • Manufacturing -
    • Assembled at the Telford site and air tested as standard
  • Logistics -
    • The pre-assembled stacks are transported to site in unique Stillages
  • Install on site -
    • The stillages with fitted wheels are easily manoeuvred around site to the install locations
    • The stacks can be placed into position by one operative
    • Less time on site and more effective use of time
  • Installation support -
    • PAM will liaise with the installers throughout installation programme from start to finish


Cast iron – the sustainable choice for pre-assembly

  • Recycling economy and Longevity -
    • Ensign cast iron systems are manufactured from c.99% recycled content
    • Ensign is 100% recyclable 
    • The Ensign cast iron system has a life span of c.70 years
  • Minimal wastage -
    • Reduced pipe cutting on site
    • Accuracy that can eliminate wastage
    • No surplus product delivered
    • Reduced storage on site
    • Stillage’s that provide safe site storage until installed
    • Zero packaging waste
For more information and to discuss your next project contact:
Your regional technical sales manager | PAM technical team: 01952 262529 |
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