Rainwater Specials

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Rainwater Specials

Saint-Gobain PAM UK has the capability to manufacture bespoke castings to support its comprehensive standard product range. 

Technical details

  • Special products manufacturing plant which operates moulding machines for low to medium volume products to floor moulding for bespoke castings to virtually any size.
  • A fabricating facility.
  • Coating:
    • Supplied in the standard black water based primer coating.
    • Can be supplied in the Classical Plus coating to order.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Replica castings made from existing iron fittings.
  • Modified angles.
  • Radius gutters.
  • Large decorative gutters.
  • Decorative rainwater heads.
Due to nature and variety of specials each casting is quoted on a job basis. Our Technical advisory team will provide a confirmation design and quotation upon request.

Standards & Approvals

  • Saint-Gobain PAM Telford plant operates under strict BS EN 9001 management systems.


Technical Enquiries:
+44 (0)115 930 0700 
Customer Services:
+44 (0)115 930 5000 


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