Telford foundry


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Soil, drain & rainwater

Traditional cast iron rainwater & gutter systems, available in a black primer coat for painting on site.
Traditional cast iron rainwater & gutter systems. Pre-painted for immediate installation saving 60% installation time.
Cast iron drainage system for below ground applications and bridge drainage kitemark approved to EN 877
Push-fit gravity cast iron drainage that combines all the benefits of cast iron with the speed and simplicity of push-fit assembly kitemark approved to BS EN877.
The market leading mechanically jointed cast iron drainage system, kitemark approved to EN 877
Mechanically jointed cast iron drainage system for buried below ground and bridge applications kitemark approved to BS437
The traditional mechanically jointed cast iron drainage system kitemark approved to BS416 part 2
A simplified range of floor drainage products for all types of floor finishes.
A range of cast iron roof outlets that offer robust long lasting solutions designed in accordance with EN1253.


The long-lasting coating made of a layer of Zinc-Aluminum alloy enriched with Copper and a protective Aquacoat layer.
A combination of innovations specific to water distribution.
The pipe for large aqueducts water main
The first fitting with variable angles
The reference pipe for water distribution
The Zinc Aluminum coating


Large diameter ductile iron waste water pipe
Pipes for highly aggressive effluents (with p)
Small-Medium ductile iron waste water pipe

Special applications

The ideal range for trenchless pipelaying techniques

Municipal castings

Concave profile captive hinge grating.
Designed for kerbside gully systems
Maximum performance in water absorption.
A D400 Grating and Frame with a 1:5 V profile
Briton E600 has been designed to withstand all kinds of traffic
Access cover for heavy wheel loads such as aircraft pavements, container ports and docksides.
High friction anti-skid access cover range
The reference for durability and performance
Access cover for quicker, easier and safer access to underground services.
PAMREX is capable of withstanding loads in excess of the EN 124 D400 requirements.
Efficient water clearing capacity
Urban and rural kerb drainage units
Specifically designed to combine ease of use and durability with greater security and value for money.
A medium duty cover and frame.
Access cover for car parks, gullies, roadsides and pedestrian walkways.
Versatile C250 grating
Gully grating for low intensity traffic.

Valves & hydrants

The EUROSTOP® flanged butterfly valve is your isolating device.
Saint-Gobain PAM’'s WAFER and LUG range is suitable for low pressure and all types of fluids