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Rapide B125 Access Cover

A medium duty cover and frame, Rapide B125 offers an ergonomic slide out cover design and a wide range of clear opening sizes from 600x450, to 1310x610.
rapide access cover
Group 2 B125 load classification.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic slide out cover design
  • Locking options available
  • Customer specific or generic badging options available


Recommended for use in pavements and pedestrian areas that may be subject to light vehicular access.
b125 icongroup 2 icon70 psrvcar application

Standards & Approvals



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b125 rapide
Ductile Iron Rapide B125 Access Cover| Saint-Gobain PAM UK
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b125 rapide

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An interface between the roadway and the network
Saint-Gobain PAM designs its access covers in response to traffic conditions, offering stability, safety and silence.
Use: Car parks and pedestrian areas where occasional vehicular access is likely.