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Saint-Gobain PAM UK works closely with the local community through the sponsorship of new developments and initiatives helping to ensure a vibrant and prosperous future for the local economic and social environment. We have contributed to the physical and social development of local organisations and communities through the sponsorship of junior sporting teams and in working closely with the local council in the development of new facilities such as children's playgrounds etc.



Saint-Gobain PAM UK currently employs a number of apprentices studying in the fields of Technical Design, Engineering and Foundry Processes and works in close partnership with the local colleges to ensure that the apprentices are able to develop in their chosen field. We have also taken part in the national Year in Industry award scheme, part of the Royal Academy of Engineering's BEST programme for young people. The scheme provides pre-university and undergraduate students with an opportunity to spend a year working on a challenging project in a company before moving on to complete their University degree. 


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We are committed to a future of sustainable development