Saint-Gobain PAM UK Launches FM Approved Fire Main Range


Saint-Gobain PAM UK has introduced a dedicated range of Factory Mutual certified ductile iron pipes, fittings and valves for underground fire main applications. The PROCESS range is to be distributed by Ham Baker Pipelines, leading supplier to the water industry as well as fire, securities and mechanical specialist. 

Factory Mutual (FM) approval has been given to the new PROCESS range by the independent testing arm of international insurance carrier, FM Global. Carrying the FM logo, products from the PROCESS range are thereby proven to conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention. Insurance-dependent FM approved products assist in lowering insurance premiums, thanks to these superior standards.

All products in the PROCESS range are FM certified with a pressure rating of 15 to 30-bar. They therefore offer a very high level of performance, reliability and durability, and provide engineers, industrial contractors and their fire-fighting departments with very substantial safety margins. They also ensure better adaptation to the potential evolution of industrial site fire systems. Intended for mainly below ground applications, PROCESS pipes are painted black for easy identification, and so as not to confuse them with potable or sewer water pipes.

Commenting on the new PROCESS range, Darren Wood, Ham Baker Pipelines’ General Manager said:
“The PROCESS range is the end result of market feedback, as clients benefit from the safety our certified system provides through high resistance to the physical and chemical constraints of soils and pressure. Here at Ham Baker Pipelines we have worked closely with contractors and installers to understand the importance of product availability and knowledge within this sector, and through PROCESS we now have a complete offering.”  


Ham Baker Pipelines manufactures and supplies a complete range of ductile iron sewerage and potable water pipeline products from DN 80 to DN 2000, in accordance with the latest version of BS EN 545 and BS EN 598. The company’s range includes pipes, fittings, specialist jointing systems, valve couplings and flange adaptors. For more information visit




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