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Sustainability Policy

At Saint-Gobain PAM UK we are committed to a future of sustainable development and understand that our actions in the area of social responsibility are of prime importance to achieving this. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability activities focus on People, Prosperity and Environmental Stewardship. Our activity is split into 4 pillars:

  • Changing how we build, for the better, for the future 

  • Caring for the environment we operate within 

  • Supporting and developing our people

  • Connecting with our communities and supporting their economic development 

At Saint-Gobain PAM UK it is our policy and practice to:

  • Develop a company culture that empowers our people to develop to be the best they can

  • Promote diversity and inclusion, ensure equal opportunities, eradicate discrimination and create an engaged and motivated and kind workforce 

  • Protect our people and stakeholders from the risks of occupational injury and ill health through continuous improvement of our health & safety culture and performance, delivering our "Zero Harm" strategy

  • Care for our local environment, local communities and support their economic development 

  • Develop and provide our customers with high-quality products and innovative solutions to deliver a more sustainable environment and infrastructure, playing our part as a key ingredient of our collective well-being 

  • Develop and support customer education, training and skills development and promote awareness and adoption of more sustainable solutions

  • Ethically source material, products and services and lead with adherence to industry standards and codes, striving to develop a fully sustainable supply chain 

  • Actively reduce our impact on the environment by:

    • Maximising resource efficiency in planning, design, waste minimisation and recycling 

    • Reducing our direct and indirect emissions

    • Reducing energy consumption across all parts of our Business and source an increasing proportion of our requirements from renewable energy sources 

    • Positively managing our bio-diversity impacts and enhancing wildlife and habitats for the future 

    • Minimising our water consumption 

We demonstrate our commitment to these values through reporting our performance in a sustainability review every 2 years


For more information our Sustainability policy is available to download.


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  • Telford tree planting