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iso 14001



The ISO 14001 standard allows the establishment of an environmental management system within an organization, regardless of its size and its field of activity. This certification integrates environmental issues into the company’s sustainable development strategy.

The ISO 14001 is a structured framework that makes it possible to:

  • minimize impacts on the environment,
  • prevent incidents,
  • lay down plans for improvement

With this standard, the company is committed to sustainable development by creating products that respect the environment. It is also a guarantee that projects will be monitored and measured
In connection with this standard and at in-house level, Saint-Gobain PAM UK meets the OHSAS 180001 standard, which is also called the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS): this is a system for the prevention of occupational hazards.




iso 14001
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iso 14001


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Saint-Gobain PAM UK is serious about its role in preserving the environment. The company has an active environmental policy, which has recently been updated, and encourages its employees to play a participative role in environmental control.