Selecta C250

Municipal castings

Selecta C250

Designed using the results of a lengthy study the Selecta range of urban and rural profile kerb drainage units include hinged and locked cover sections as standard for increased security. Selecta 500 Urban and Rural profiles are 570x610. Selecta Maxi Urban and Rural profiles are 750x640.
selecta kerb drain
Group 3 C250 load classification.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Hinged cover section
  • Anti-theft spring bar locking feature as standard
  • The Maxi unit s height adjustable for differing kerb depths
  • Debris bar available


For areas of high surface water run off such in urban areas not subject to fast moving traffic. Selecta C250 is not recommended for areas susceptible to turning traffic.

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Standards and Approvals

NF mark
For information on all of the Selecta range please download our Product Specification and Selection Guide.


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Videos and pictures
  • Selecta C250
  • Selecta A profile Kerb Drain
  • Selecta C250
  • Selecta A profile Kerb Drain

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