Integrated Management System Policy

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Integrated Management System Policy

Saint-Gobain PAM UK  have just launched in 2022 a new policy that combines all elements of Environment, Quality, Health & Safety, Sustainability and Energy into one simplified document, which hitherto had been 5 separate policies.  It is called our Integrated Management System Policy or IMS policy for short.  
This policy includes statements on: 
— Our Vision
— Our Responsibilities
— Our Ambitions
— Our Commitments
The policy sets out the importance of our IMS across our business
It includes the new PAM motto – “A safe path for water”
Our new PAM Values are incorporated into our management systems and processes.

We all have a responsibility to look after ourselves, our colleagues, our visitors, our customers, our products, our business, our site, our neighbourhood, our community and our planet.  We expect everyone here to uphold those responsibilities in pursuit of our ambitions and to act in line with our principles of conduct and action, as well as our values - Show we Care, Make it Happen, Be our Best!

You can download a copy of our IMS policy below!

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