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Life Cycle Analysis

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Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

LCA provides an effective method for assessing the environmental impacts of a product, a service or a process. LCA goes beyond the Carbon Footprint since it allows for the analysis of multiple impacts. This analysis is used to evaluate the impact on the environment of a product or service throughout its life cycle, that is, from the moment it is manufactured to the moment it is recycled.

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In construction the Life Cycle Analysis is the most comprehensive level of environmental assessment which effectively supports the development of a sustainable built environment. 


We apply Life Cycle Thinking as part of our Eco-Innovation process and strongly believe that the entire life cycle should be considered in the development of any new solution 


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Saint-Gobain PAM UK is serious about its role in preserving the environment. The company has an active environmental policy, which has recently been updated, and encourages its employees to play a participative role in environmental control.