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Ductile Advantage


Ductile iron 'spring-bar' technology

Continual development in advancing the elasticity inherent in ductile iron, has provided Saint-Gobain PAM with a unique locking method. The spring bar technology uses ductile iron's elasticity in the area where the components interact and allows for the locking of the grating or cover within the frame without the use of a mechanical locking device. There is an obvious benefit to simplifying the current methods used to retain a cover or grate within the frame.
The 'spring-bar' technology will allow for stability under load and silence in operation.

Gully grates and the ductile iron advantage

Ductile iron's inherent properties of high tensile strength and resistance to impact allows the waterway area of gully grates to be evenly distributed over the surface of the gratings without losing structural strength. This provides improved drainage efficiency per clear opening size, particularly in the 90mm area closest to the kerb.

Security and the ductile advantage

The picture opposite shows the 'spring-bar' technology which has been incorporated within various designs. The ductility of the material allows for a simple yet effective 'flexible finger' to achieve security when closed.


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