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Acoustic Drainage

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Acoustic Drainage

Cast iron drainage systems are the quietest on the market fully supported by testing in accordance with BS EN 14366:2004.
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Technical details

  • BS EN 14366 was introduced to provide manufacturers of all drainage materials a simple testing criteria, in order that results recorded would be comparable.
  • The Ensign and EEZI-FIT ranges were tested at the Fraunhofer-Institute of Building Physics in Germany.
  • The tests provide measurements for airborne and Structure-borne sound and flow rates up to 8.0 litres/sec.
  • When comparing results of systems ensure comparable flow rate.
  • Most buildings within the UK require a performance of 30-35 dB(A) according to BS 8233.

Standards & Approvals

  • BS EN 14366: 2004 laboratory measurement of noise from waste water systems.
  • BS 8233:1999 code of practice for governing acoustics within buildings.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ensign and EEZI-FIT acoustic performance is superior to any acoustic plastic system by 4-5dB(A)
  • 3-4dB(A) = Noise x 2
  • EEZI-FIT achieved a structure-borne acoustic levels:
    • 5 db at 2 litres per sec.
    • 9 db at 4 litres per sec.
    • When installed with cast iron brackets fitted with acoustic dampener.
  • Outperforming acoustic plastic systems by 7-10db (depending on system)
  • Outperforming standard HDPE by approx 20 db - download noise file to hear the difference.




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