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The Burning Question

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The Burning Question

Understanding the effects and behaviour of fire on different drainage systems in Industrial, Commercial and Public Buildings. As a leading member of IZEG, the association for cast iron pipe manufacturers in Germany, Saint Gobain PAM was instrument in commissioning an extensive test program carried out at an independent test laboratory - the highly regarded MPA North-Rhine Westphalia testing facility. The test's simple purpose was to demonstrate the effect of fire on cast iron and a number of plastic-based pipe systems (including HDPE), to monitor their ability to contain the fire within the compartment, and to establish whether or not they stopped the fire spreading to other floors. The results were as disturbing as they are enlightening. 


Fire collars for plastic drainage - do they work?
Fire Safety Comparison Test, commissioned by IZEG (association of cast iron manufacturers in Germany) in 2004 to understand the effects of fire and the behaviour of different drainage systems in industrial, commercial and public buildings. This shows how Saint-Gobain PAM cast iron systems are proven among the safest on the market in their fire resistance and how passive fire collars used in the test remained inactive, with molten droplets from the HDPE passing through them and generating further fire outbreak on the floor below.
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