PAM Software



PAMCAD design software

To assist engineers and specifiers in the creation and modification of pipework design, a database of water pipeline products is available to download and on CD-ROM. The software enables accurate drawings to be produced quicklyand easily by calling up pipeline components and arranging them on screen.
  • Enables pipe runs to be drawn quickly and easily
  • On CD for rapid change of diameter and shape
  • Make-up pipe facility
  • Use of standard products to minimise cost and lead time
  • Automatically allows joint gaps
PAMCAD is available to download here. If you have problems with the download, firewalls etc. the CD-ROM is available from the Brochure Hotline: Tel: 0800 028 2134


Saint-Gobain PAM UK has released a brand new version of its acclaimed software package for the design and specification of both clean and dirty water pipeline schemes. 
pipespec software-Saint Gobain PAM UK

Version 3 of PipeSpec® has been fully updated to include BluTop, the company’s complete system for small diameter pipe networks.
PipeSpec® v3 is an essential tool for both specifiers and pipeline designers and features five analytical tools that can be utilised throughout the planning and design stages of a Ductile Iron pipeline project, namely:
Hydraulics - Full Pipe
Hydraulics - Part-full Pipe
Embedment (for a wide range of backfill types)
Anchorage (for a wide range of native and backfill soils)
Installed Cost (versus steel, concrete and plastic mains)
PipeSpec® v3 is available to download here, or as a free software CD for installation on a stand-alone PC. The CD can be ordered by calling our technical department here.

Induct Plus

'Induct Plus' is an installation support initiative developed in recognition of the water industry's need to reduce operating costs and improve capital spending efficiency. In conjunction with WRc and industry representatives a unique set of installation instructions, based on proven best practices, has been designed specifically to attain lowest whole life costs for ductile iron pipelines.
The 'Induct Plus' scheme incorporates an assessment and certification process enabling water utilities to evaluate the effectiveness of individual contractors and provides a means to maintain high standards of installation for ductile iron pipeline systems.
For further inquiries please telephone: 0115 930 0700