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Product Materials and Composition

Saint-Gobain PAM UK manufacture a range of high performance ductile iron access covers and frames. We recognize the need to provide a material that is capable of combating the wear characteristics inherent with the increasing amount of vehicular traffic on our roads today.

What is ductile iron?

Spheroidal graphite or ductile iron is a unique form of iron which, prior to the metal casting process, receives a treatment with magnesium to produce an exceptionally strong, impact resistant and durable metal.

The difference between ductile and grey iron

The addition of magnesium at the molten stage transforms the flakes of graphite, which are common with the grey iron casting process, into spheroidal or nodular form. The spheroidal structure provides a higher tensile strength as well as a higher 'strength to weight' ratio when compared with the properties inherent with grey iron manufacture.

The benefits of ductile iron

Ductile iron's high strength to weight ratio allows for the production of lightweight castings that offer what can amount to 50% weight saving over traditional grey iron equivalents.
The high strength inherent with ductile iron not only minimises the risk of failure when installed but reduces the likelihood of breakages in transit and while off-loading.
In a market place that is increasingly being encouraged to specify products that offer less of a manual handling risk, the dead weight of the castings during both installation and actual operation in service is recognised as a key feature and obvious attribute.
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