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Saint-Gobain PAM UK has partnered with XPO Logistics to improve the delivery experience for their customers

Following a 2018 customer satisfaction survey, which placed Saint-Gobain PAM in the top 25 per cent of manufacturing companies for customer satisfaction, the business is committed to go even further to ensure customers receive a service that is second-to-none. The transition to XPO Logistics is just the first step in streamlining internal processes as part of a move towards a more technological, sustainable-driven operation.


Logistics Update – 8th July 2021

It is clear that the haulage industry in the UK is currently facing huge challenges and, as such, we thought it would be useful to give you a quick update to reassure you about your PAM deliveries.
In partnership with XPO, we have our own Saint-Gobain PAM delivery fleet which we use to operate our standard weekly delivery schedule. We are proud of this fleet especially the fact that 35% of our mileage is now covered using low carbon LNG vehicles.

Retail & Entertainment

Shopping Centres, Stadia, Cinemas


Water/Waste Water treatment works, pressured sewer, potable water

Water & Sewer

Case Studies featuring our products from our Water & Sewer ranges

Municipal Castings

Case Studies featuring our products from our Municipal Castings ranges

Soil, Drain & Rainwater

Case Studies featuring our products from our Soil, Drain & Rainwater ranges


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