Torrent Floslab - Offsite manufactured solution for our Torrent range of high capacity gully gratings

Torrent Flow Slab
Combining UK manufacturing expertise to help increase site efficiency on the M45 near Rugby.
In collaboration with Carnell and Sateba Stanton Precast.

The issues faced

Following an extensive catch pit survey by Carnell along a section of the M45 on behalf of National Highways Area 7, the decision was taken to replace a large number of aging galvanised grids that had begun to show signs of failure. 


The catch pits collect large volumes of surface water run-off from the carriageway and although the grids were of  a similar design it was discovered that the chambers on which they were situated varied in size which posed a problem with providing a uniform solution. 


Saint-Gobain PAM UK and Sateba Stanton Precast through extensive industry expertise and an innovative approach to design were able to provide a combined solution. The Saint-Gobain PAM UK Torrent gully grating was chosen as it provides a large water clearing capacity as it is particularly suited to applications where effcient water clearing performance is required such as catchpits, carriageway verges or surface water catchment areas. 

The Value

Sateba Stanton Precast created an off-site manufactured concrete slab, designed speci´Čücally for use with the Torrent grating, capable of providing full structural support, while overcoming the variation in chamber dimensions. Known as Torrent FloSlab, it is manufactured in factory controlled conditions to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards.    
With more than 35 installed so far the advantages of the off-site manufactured Torrent FloSlab are clear, safe and quick installation, minimum maintenance and consistent quality.
"The scheme to replace chamber covers on the M45 was developed by National Highways due to them being defective and non-functioning. A collaborative design approach between Carnell & National Highways resulted in a precast design solution being adopted using torrent floslab covers. This was proposed on the basis that the units came as pre-cast integrated chamber covers that could be easily dropped into position and reinstated using a Pacopatch solution. This meant that the process of removing the old and installing the new slabs was quick, efficient and eliminated numerous safety concerns regarding manual handling and working in close proximity to open chamber shafts." - Tom Wright Project Manager CARNELL
The Torrent Floslab is just one of several innovative solutions offered by Saint-Gobain PAM UK. For further information and advice any other product or service, please contact our team on 0115 989 8903 or visit




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