TT Range-Special Coatings


TT Range-Special Coatings 

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Quality of the external coatings that protects pipes against the damaging effects of the soil is crucial. Saint-Gobain PAM UK has developed zinc-based active protection solutions to ensure durability of its buried ductile iron pipes. Although these coatings originally used pure zinc, ZINALIUM zinc-aluminium alloys have now gradually been introduced into the ranges. However in extremely aggressive soils with marine water table, acidic peaty soils, soils contaminated by industrial pollution or subject to stray currents, for example, these active protection systems do not ensure the required durability. In these circumstances, rarely encountered in practice, the solution is to use products with passive coatings that totally isolate the pipe network.

Technical Details

  • Diameter range: DN80 – DN 2000

  • Push-fit joint:

More information on all jointing systems available


  • Pipes (2 options):

    • TT PE: DN80-700, zinc 200 g/m2 + polyethylene

    • TT PUX: DN800-2000: polyurethane coating (900 microns) on the barrel, red-brown epoxy (300 microns) on spigot end and inside socket - conformity to EN 14901 and EN 15189

  • Fittings: Epoxy 250μm (Polyurethane coating DN1400-2000 available on consultation)


  • Pipes:
    • Sewer: High alumina cement

    • Water: Blast furnace cement

  • Fittings: Epoxy 250μm

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ductile iron material:
    • Mechanically robust
    • Highly resistant to damage
    • High safety margin to operate at up-rated pressures
    • Long term reliability
  • Coating suitable for all UK soils
  • Eco friendly: recycled and infinitely recyclable
  • Self-anchoring gasket available for restrained pipes application
  • Up to 5 degrees angular deflection

Standards & Approvals

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Tape Wrap

In specific conditions where standard offer is not suitable, Saint-Gobain PAM UK is able to supply pipes wrapped with medium duty self-adhesive tape.

The tape consists of a combined anti-corrosion mastic and pressure sensitive adhesive, laminated to a flexible PVC backing.

Generally factory-applied to the pipe barrel leaving the socket and spigot area to be wrapped after jointing. Each wrap overlaps the preceding one by approximately 25mm or 55% depending upon the degree of protection required.


PE Sleeving

In specific conditions where Saint-Gobain PAM UK's standard offer is not suitable, the use of PE  sleeving may be appropriate.

The principal function of the polyethylene sleeving is to separate the pipe from contact with the soil environment thus preventing non-uniform contact with the soil solids.

PE sleeving is generally applied on site to standard zinc coated pipes.


Further information on coatings

Technical Enquiries:
+44 (0)115 930 0700
Customer Services:
+44 (0)115 930 5000


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Potable Water

Saint-Gobain PAM supplies ductile iron pipelines throughout the world, allowing water to be transported from its source to treatment plants and places of consumption. PAM solutions cover the entire water transport cycle :

  • Gravity Supply

  • Potable Water Distribution

  • Water Treatment

Saint-Gobain PAM is involved in both the preservation of the 'water' resource and its transport in all situations. Only 3% of the Earth's water is fresh water and over two thirds of this is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps. The remaining water is therefore a very precious resource. We have the utmost respect for this rare commodity and pride ourselves in providing comprehensive pipe solutions for the supply, treatment and distribution of drinking (potable) and raw water (untreated) as well as waste and recycled water.

Developed from PAM proprietary research, the wide variety of our ductile iron pipelines ranges include external coatings, joints and internal linings that highly adaptable to various geographical configurations and different types of work site environments. For example, our solutions have been carefully customised to handle aggressive soils, soft waters, and irrigation requirements. 

Our Product Ranges include:

    • The reference ductile iron pipe for water distribution networks, the NATURAL range combines past experience with advanced technologies to ensure the robustness of ductile iron pipes, their ease of laying and speed of installation, reliable operation and long-term durability
    • Scientifically innovative, the award-winning BLUTOP range is ideal for use within drinking water distribution networks in urban, semi-urban and rural areas 
    • Suited for conveying large volumes of water, the robust, ductile iron pipes of the CLASSIC range are built to last in the most adverse conditions.

See below for further product details and technical specifications:

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PAM solutions cover the entire water transport cycle.