Euro TF Flap Valve

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Euro TF valve

The Euro TF flap valve has a circular aperture design. For wall or flange mounting. Suitable for use in clean, dirty or sea water applications.

Euro TF flap valve

Technical details

  • Diameter range: DN80 – DN600
  • Double hung to provide added sealing assurance (if subjected to severe wave action, consideration should be given to shielding the valve to avoid disturbing the seal)
  • Single link design for DN80 – DN250
  • Double link design for DN300 – DN600
  • Blue fusion bonded epoxy coated
  • The valve should always be mounted above the shingle line

Key Features & Benefits

  • Light weight scalloped flange design on DN200 – DN600 providing ease of handling and installation
  • Flap lifting eye to facilitate opening
  • Tamper-proof austenitic stainless steel hinge pins as standard
  • Superior welded nickel iron seating face machined to a high quality finish providing excellent seating characteristics


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